Posted by revolt | Angel of Defense | Wednesday 2 December 2009 8:42 pm

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Securities Fraud Lawsuit

This Securities Fraud Lawsuit is a rare find, and one of the most powerful legal documents anywhere on the Internet! It exposes the biggest SCAM in Wall Street history, that SECURITIZATION is ILLEGAL!

If your loan has been securitized, this is the legal document you’ve been waiting for. This powerful lawsuit shows the courts exactly how Wall Street perpetrated their fraud on millions of American homeowners and investors all over the world.

From the violations of your Mortgage or Trust Deed, their IRS tax evasion scheme, their illegal separation of your note and mortgage, and their violations of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement, the Trust Agreement, and more!

Includes the latest, and most powerful legal authorities guaranteed to stop your foreclosure dead in its tracks! Also includes Affidavits from one of the Nation’s leading experts in securitization audits. See our Special Financing below. Its available for instant DOWNLOAD NOW!

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