Fighting Foreclosure To Win!

Posted by revolt | Fighting Foreclosure To Win! | Monday 16 August 2010 7:48 pm

Fighting Foreclosure To Win!


Current statistics indicate that there are over 8 million foreclosures in the United States at the present time. However, very few homeowners are in a position to fight their foreclosure and WIN!

The average homeowner has no knowledge of the regulations or laws that govern the financial institutions that are currently holding their loans. They don’t know what is available to them in order for them to confidently and courageously take on their banks and lenders.

However, there are remedies available to you for this very purpose. In most cases this information is readily available to attorneys. However, the lay-person has little to no knowledge of the policies and procedures needed to implement such strategies. Even if you were aware of the federal violations, you would face the dilemma of which legal documents you would be required to file, and how.

The good news is that you can single-handedly take back your property free and clear by filing a notice of rescission, and or a quiet title action, based on Federal violations pursuant to the Truth In Lending Act (TILA), or the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA).

You can move to stop the foreclosure, and fight for your home by acquiring a “Forensic Loan Audit” that will identify any possible lender fraud, or Federal violations of the Truth and Lending Act (TILA), or the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA).

You can expose the fraud, stop the foreclosure, and take your home back by fighting your foreclosure! Recently, some homeowners have staved off foreclosure for more than four years using a newly employed legal strategy, which requires the lender to “Produce The Promissory Note”.

This legal strategy has been employed because of the way mortgages have been securitized in recent years. It’s often unclear who actually owns the debt, and what has been discovered is that systematically, the originating lenders only pledged these loans and didn’t actually transfer them” to the trusts that are supposed to hold them and issue the securities.

In many cases the lender is unable to produce the Promissory note and this is where you can step in and take your property back free and clear! With competent step-by-step instructions on the process and procedures, you can accomplish your goal. And, when I say free and clear, I mean never having to pay a mortgage payment ever again!

The latest powerful legal strategy being employed affectively to fight fraudulent bank foreclosures is title reconveyance of the property back into you, the homeowner’s name. Yes, you the homeowner as the original grantor/trustor appointed the trustee who was then empowered, unknowingly by you, to conduct the trustee sale when you signed your closing documents, and you the homeowner as the original grantor/trustor now have the power to revoke the trustees authority to conduct any foreclosure proceedings.

Once the trustees authority to conduct any trustee sale regarding your property has been revoked, the bank cannot foreclose on your property. A new trustee must be appointed, and guest who has the legal authority to appoint the new trustee?  That’s right, you do! And guess who you’re going to appoint as the new trustee of the property?  That’s right, you or any family member you designate can be appointed as the new trustee.

Now, once you have taken control as the new trustee, do you think you will be foreclosing on yourself? Absolutely not, and the bank will have to challenge you in court to stop you, and that will fail for reason we will reveal on this website in The “90 Day Take Back Program” Pt. 1.  

Can you imagine not having a house note? It is possible if you find that your lender cannot produce your promissory note, and you’re able to take the necessary legal steps to demand that they provide it or else! And, its also possible by taking the legal steps of title reconveyance outlined by The Homeowners’s “90 Day Take Back Program”.

Many adjustable rate mortgages were illegally securitized in the haste to convert toxic loans into fee-generating mortgage backed securities. Judges across the nation, including Boyko, Rose, Kurtz, Schack, Rosenblatt, Bufford, O’Malley, Shaw, Bryant and Foley have issued orders dismissing foreclosures brought by lenders that have illegally securitized loans, and are no longer current holders of the notes.

Therefore, you no longer have to be a victim of foreclosure. You can now fight back, WIN, and “Take Your Property Back Free And Clear”. If you find yourself in foreclosure, as so many Americans have today, you don’t have to lose your home without putting up a fight.

America is a nation of laws, and if you know those laws, you can stand up and fight for what is rightfully yours. The banks are hoping that because you don’t know the law, you’ll just hand over your property, even when they know they don’t legally own your home. Don’t hand over your home without a fight. “The Promissory Note Defense”, and the “90 Day Take Back Program” information is available to you NOW!

So arm yourself with the ammunition you’ll need in order to fight your mortgage WAR, and WIN! CLICK HERE To download your ammunition NOW!

By: Matt Brockman – The Homeowners Revolt.Com

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