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The Homeowners Revolt.Com now offers our Certified Mortgage Securitization Audits, along with asset and investment research, specializing in providing data on securitized and non-performing assets. Our securitization research will reveal the name and location of your loan within a mortgage pool, unless it is a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac trust, as they do not provide full transparency.

While our specialized Bloomberg Terminal report will provide you with the current tape information from the lender or servicer. We also have a live data update every hour from the FFIEC Central Data Repository that gives us instant access to the REO and late and non-performing loan portfolio data for 97.3% of all US banks.

Our audits provide information that gives our clients an informative edge in matters concerning their mortgages. With the vast majority of loans having been securitized, The Homeowners Revolt.Com assist you in performing the research necessary to determine who has the legal standing, or who is the true holder of your mortgage.

Our Certified Mortgage Securitization Auditors will report their findings based on facts and documentation, which should be considered fully admissible evidence, because they pertain to material issues, and the documentation upon which they rely, are derived from a source considered to be extremely credible and reliable. In addition, our experts stand ready to back up their findings court, with affidavits of the facts.

The Homeowners Revolt.Com believes that solid information can be the difference between a favorable outcome, or an outcome that will leave you in dismay. The Homeowners Revolt.Com has access to 5,700,00 securitized loans through loan tapes for currently active securitized deals and access to over 20,000,000 securitized loans for all publicly traded deals including paid off loans. We are able to find the majority of loans within the various pools and return that data to you in a prompt and timely manner.

We search public and proprietary databases for information concerning the securitization, sale or transfer of the loan obligation, note or mortgage. Our securitization search is a single loan specific search that not only provides information that might be found with some effort through typical Internet search engine strategies, but also includes information and documents relating to claims of ownership of the obligation (receivable), note or mortgage.

In addition, for investors looking to purchase Bulk REO properties, through our Bloomberg data and Securitization research, we also offer investors a competitive edge by providing REO, late and non-performing loan portfolio data for 97.3% of all US banks. This information allows us to see which banks have assets that must be moved, and if they are charging off debt which would indicate their willingness to move product. This information is valuable when calling asset managers to strike deals. Imagine knowing how much inventory they have and what percentages of their debt is REO, Non Performing 1st liens even Commercial deals.


Through The Homeowners Revolt.Com, our auditors utilize a number of database searches to isolate the loan of interest in the securitized public pool letting you know who the loan is claimed to be owned by, utilizing all available resources, such as publicly recorded documents via means of Title Search, Loan level data examination, Bloomberg, SEC, examination of Servicer and Trustee’s databases and loan tapes. Our auditors are pioneers of loan isolation in the securitized pool, and have a high success rate at locating hard to find loans. On top of the Securitization search, we will provide a declaration attesting to the findings.

“As a part of the search, we present various findings and general information concerning the chain of Securitization of your loan etc. This is usually helpful to homeowners, former homeowners and their attorneys in deciding on defensive or offensive strategies. Knowing what pool your loan is in makes all the difference in your case.”


After the securitized loan search is completed, the pool level documentation is retrieved for pubic deals in particular the prospectus, pooling and servicing agreement, underwriter agreement, swap agreement, Master agreement, Loan Assumption and Assignment agreement, if any or all available, as well as the servicer or trustee monthly statement on the pool performance, with some particulars of the non-performing assets. This report is compiled using the current bank tape and will include the following:

  • Notarized Declaration of loan search results.
  • Excel spreadsheet of trust verified through extensive research.
  • Excel spreadsheet detailing different classes the note is in within trust with CUSIP numbers.
  • Excel spreadsheet of loans in classes.
  • Screenshot of bond detail.
  • Trust prospectus (More complete than SEC prospectus).
  • Most recent periodic report screenshot of deal description.
  • Screenshot of underwriter/servicer/originator/trustee.

If information is the key, then we open the door to the evidentiary Truth! When critical information is what you need, and accurate reliable data is crucial to your cause, look no further then The Homeowners Revolt.Com to provide you with your Weapon Of Mass Destruction, to fight your mortgage WAR and WIN!

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